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What Is Flipkart And Why Does People Use It? is a top online store, known for its product options from a selection of topics in clothing, gadgets, books and much more. There is an extensive range of shops sales prices to customer support alternatives as free shipping right to your doorstep. It’s not just the customer service is provided by its own money back guarantees.

5 great things that make Flipkart exceptional, than any other retail store:

Understand Us: They knew that most of the customers do not want to pay for their items upfront (This has also got something to do with the fact that people are not comfortable with online payment options). They emulated the traditional shopping mechanism, paying after the customer sees the product (Cash on Delivery). This resonated with the customers initially and gained their trust.What is Flipkart

Large inventory Base: You get most of the items on their website that leads to a pleasant virtual window shopping experience, which in turn leads to sales.

Unparalleled support: We in India always think about customer service. Flipkart has received the best customer service policy, which really makes them stand apart from other competitors. If you’ve ever interacted with their customer support team, you will agree. They make returns as easy without any questions. In addition they have warranty issues.

Blazing Fast Shipping: Most items ordered from WS-retail (their own Inventory warehouse) are delivered within 2 days. Shipment Tracker is top notch and the experience provided by American giants like Amazon, etc.

Discount, Deals, Coupons and Cashback: There is the ‘Flipkart Offer Zone‘ where they’ve listed out the coolest offers and discounts on their products. CouponLay frequently keeps updating flipkart coupons, discount, cashback, deals, offers, etc. Have a look. 🙂 In addition you will get few opportunities to get the full value of the product in the adjusted prices.